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I got so many questions about our trip to Mauritius, so I’d like to dedicate the first blog post to the general information and your questions. I’ll give you an overview of the best travel season, flight, entry, currency & money exchange, transport on the island, hotels and activities. In the end there is also a small insight into the costs of such a journey.

The best travel season for Mauritius

The best travel

season for Mauritius

The first question when planning any holiday is the about the best travel season and the climate. I also wondered if Mauritius would fit in our planned time slot. In general, the months of September, October and November are the best season to travel to Mauritius. Who looks at the climate table of Mauritius quickly realizes that Mauritius has the whole year around 30 degrees and thus every month is good for a holiday. However, you should keep in mind that Mauritius is a tropical country and during the warm summer months (our winter) there are many rainy days. In addition, the island is often visited by cyclones from December to February, so you should avoid this season.


We were in Mauritius at the beginning of September and the weather was very mixed. Allegedly September should be the driest month with only 2 rainy days, unfortunately we have probably caught these two 😉 So we had 2 days that were very cloudy and rainy, 2 days almost cloudless and hot weather and the remaining days mixed with clouds & sun. When the sun was out, it was very hot! However, when the clouds hung longer and the wind came up, it was sometimes a little bit cool and you wrapped yourself in a towel.


In general, I can say that the weather changes very fast. We had bright blue skies only in the morning and in the evening – at noon sun and clouds alternated. The clouds move very fast, so it can be that the sun is just burning and you start to go to the water and until you arrive there everything is cloudy 😀 The other way around – you’ll pack everything because of a few raindrops and after 30sec everything is over again. After the first few days, you realize that you can just stay when there are dark clouds, because it only takes a few seconds anyway 🙂 Different, of course, on the rainy days: here the sun didn’t actually come out.


By the way, the sunset is quite early in Mauritius. In the winter (our summer) it’s already at 6 p.m. and in the summer (our winter) at 7 p.m.

Flight, entry & time difference

Flight, entry &

time difference

From Munich you are in about 11 hours in Mauritius. There are both direct and stopover flights. Since we only had 8 days in Mauritius, we wanted to be there as fast as possible and to not lose time with stopsover. Therefore we flew with Eurowings directly from Munich to Mauritius and back again. Unfortunately, the flight was 5 hours late on the outward journey and 2 hours on the return trip. Overall, we would probably have been just as fast with a stopover 😉


Although Mauritius is a few hours flight away from Germany, the time difference in summer is only 2 hours and in winter 3 hours.


For the entry you don’t need a visa or similar as a German citizen for a tourist stay. The normal passport is enough (but make sure that it is valid for at least 6 months!). No special vaccines are needed for Mauritius, but the usual vaccinations and hepatitis A & B are recommended. Upon entry, however, a health check document must be filled out at the airport, which will be checked after passport control. Mauritius has been free of malaria and yellow fever for a long time. Visitors from third countries (especially yellow fever areas such as Africa & South America) must go to a separate health survey.


As in all tropical countries, there are also mosquitos in Mauritius that can transmit diseases. Especially the dengue fever can be dangerous. On the beaches you don’t need to worry on dry days, but if you want to discover the nature and the national park, then take enough mosquito spray with you! You can also buy it locally.


Further information on all these topics can also be found on the website of the Department for Foreign Affairs of your country.

Currency & Money Exchange in Mauritius

Currency & Money

Exchange in Mauritius

The currency in Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee. The best way to change the money is locally, since the money exchange there is significantly cheaper than in advance in Germany (bank charges etc.). We just changed most of the money right at the airport in Mauritius. You can also change money in the hotel itself, but the hotel raises some fees again, so it’s cheaper, if you change it directly at the airport or go to the exchange offices in the cities.


Here is a small exchange table: (September 2018)

1 MUR = 0,02 EUR

40 MUR = 1 EUR

100 MUR = 2,50 EUR

200 MUR = 5 EUR

1.000 MUR = 25 EUR

Transport on the island

Transport on

the island

The best way to move in Mauritius is by car. There are also buses, but they don’t have fixed stops and departure times – so you just stand on the road and eventually a bus is coming. As strange as it sounds – it really works! And the bus rides costs only a few cents. If you want to travel by bus, then you best inform yourself about the exact routes at the hotel, depending on where you want to go.


We decided to take a rental car. Since our main goal of the holiday was beach vacation, we only rented a car for 2 days. We spontaneously did that directly at the hotel. Of course, there are also many providers where you can rent a car in advance online and do the pick up at the airport.


Taxi driving is rather expensive in Mauritius and therefore less profitable. Even for short distances you have to pay about 40€ for 30 minutes! We have heard from many that they discussed a daily price with the taxi driver in advance. For about 50€ most are likely to drive you all day and also wait in front of the national park until you are done.


One more info: on Mauritius there is left-hand traffic! Of course this is a bit strange in the beginning, but you get used to it quickly. Tip: take a rental car with automatic, then you only have to concentrate on the right track and not synonymous on the gear change 😉

Hotels in Mauritius

In my opinion, the southwest of the island is best suited for the hotel choice, as it has both the dream beaches, as well as it’s close to all attractions. In addition, the sun sets directly in the sea and you experience the most beautiful sunsets!


My boyfriend I stayed at La Pirogue in Flic en Flac. The hotel was one of the first hotels in Mauritius and is just gorgeous. The whole hotel consists of little bungalows and there are no normal hotel rooms. The entire complex consists of an infinite number of palm trees with small paths in between. A detailed blog post to our hotel will follow, as I can really recommend it! As I mentioned, it was not cooperation.


Right next to our hotel is the Sugar Beach Hotel, which belongs to the La Pirogue. As a guest of one hotel you can also use the facilities and restaurants of the other hotel 🙂 Since we liked our hotel so much, we didn’t use it at all, but we had a look in the area of ​​the Sugar Beach and it seems to be really great!


On our trip to Le Morne, we still got to know the hotel LUX * Le Morne. This is also a beautiful hotel! Unfortunately, a bit higher in price, but you have one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius right in front of you. The beach is not quite as long as in Flic en Flac, but the water is even turquoise and the sand is even whiter!


By the way, book at least half board! There is almost nothing outside of the hotel area and also the few restaurants in the cities closes already at 5 p.m., because after sunset nothing is going on in the cities!

Activities in Mauritius

Activities in


If you travel to Mauritius, the main ambition is probably a great beach holiday – which you’ll definitely get. In addition to the beach, Mauritius has so much more to offer, so it would be a shame to spend the holiday only in the hotel. The detailed blog post about the “To do’s” in Mauritius can be found here, so in the following there is just a short overview.


Snorkeling and diving are so gorgeous in Mauritius! You don’t have to swim very far nor with the boat because the beautiful corals and colorful fishes are already on the hotel beach. But beware! There are also poisonous fishes in Mauritius – including the stone fish, which lies flat on the ground and is barely visible. His toxic can kill you within a few hours, so definitely put on bathing shoes or fins!


In addition to the underwater world, Mauritius offers a wonderfully beautiful nature in the national park! The Black River Gorges National Park is a huge rainforest with a lot to discover. For example, the well-known waterfall Chamarel and the 7 colored earth. It’s easy to get there by car or by feet with a hike to the various viewpoints. It’s also worth it to go all the way up to the Gorges National Park, from which you have an amazing view over the jungle. We even saw monkeys here 🙂

In Mauritius I have also fulfilled a long-awaited dream: riding on the beach. The Haras du Morne riding stables are located on the Le Morne peninsula. Tip: experienced riders should book a tour early tomorrow alone, so you can gallop on the beach too 🙂


The highlight of our trip was swimming with wild dolphins. We made a private tour with Vitamin Sea, which I can absolutely recommend! There are cheaper options of course, but you are with 5-10 people on board and in addition, you should know that the dolphins get only briefly on the water surface for fresh air and then disappear for several minutes deep under water. As a “normal” person, of course, there is no lagging behind 😉 Therefore, our tour was so great because our guide Cedric has held the back of the boat and observed underwater the behavior of the dolphins. He always stopped the boat when he saw the dolphins coming up and then send us into the water. So we were always in the middle of a whole group of dolphins, which is up and down again with us. It was absolutely amazing and the dolphins were so close! More about this incredible experience can be found here.


If it’s too boring on the hotel beach, of course you can also drive to one of the other many dream beaches. The most beautiful beaches are definitely in Flic en Flac and Le Morne. The hotel beaches are even more perfect than the public beaches, so you can just park on the public beach and then walk along the beach towards the hotels. On the east side, the beaches are also great, but unfortunately we didn’t see this side of the island.


If we had had some more time, I would have liked to see more of the national park and its hidden spots and climb up Le Morne. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to the botanical garden in the north, as it would have been a whole day trip from the southwest. The island of Ile aux Cherfs should also be fantastic, but more crowded by tourists, so we decided against a trip. Around Mauritius, there are many other small islands that can be explored by boat tours, which would certainly have been great. So it’s definitely worth to visit Mauritius again 🙂

Costs & Booking

Many messages have reached me in which I was asked which biiiig budget you have to take for such a trip. You can find great deals with a little research! Of course, a trip to Mauritius is not a bargain, especially with the long flight, but I think the price was okay.


We booked at the travel portal of the VR Bank, because as a customer you get 5-7% discount. You can either send an inquire to the the travel agency of VR or book the trip online by yourself (like on all other platforms). We always book our trips at VR, as it definitely pays off with the discount. If you are a VR Bank customer, you should take a look at it!


In total we have paid for flight, transfer, hotel and half board for 8 days 1.700,00 € per person. For the excursions we spent another 400€, but this included the more expensive horse riding trip and the dolphin tour. With drinks, tips and lunch on the beach there was a small amount on departure. Overall, we were under 2,000€ p.P. – a good price for such a great trip I think 🙂

As you can see, I’m really in love with Mauritius! With a combination of beach, nature and adventure it was just a dream vacation!


You can find the detailed article about the To Do’s in Mauritius here, furthermore I will continue in the coming days with a detailed blog post to our hotel. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime! Otherwise, I hope to helped you with the information.


Bye for now,

your Sandra


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