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As announced, the second Mauritius blog post is about the To Do’s on the island. I’ll tell you about our excursions & activities and what else I would have liked to experience.

Swimming with wild dolphins

Swimming with

wild dolphins

The highlight of our trip was swimming with wild dolphins. In Mauritius there is a bay where dolphins are (almost) always to be found. Thus, a dolphin tour has been a must for us especially when you have a guarantee 🙂


We chose the 3-hours dolphin tour with Vitamin Sea, which includes three spots:

  1. Swimming with the dolphins
  2. Snorkeling at Le Morne
  3. Tour to the Crystal Rock


As my text unfortunately got out of control and I couldn’t stop writing, I packed this tour into a separate article. The full report can be found here in the separate blog post.

Rain forest & jungle

Rain forest &


Mauritius really offers a beautiful nature! In addition to the underwater world you should definitely see the Black River Gorges National Park in the southwest. The landscape is covered by a huge rainforest, in which there is a lot to discover!


As I already wrote, we rented a rental car in Mauritius and explored the island on our own, including the national park. The jungle is really huge and you can not do everything in one day, I picked out in advance the most important hotspots: the Chamarel waterfall, the 7 colored earth, the Gorges vantage point and the Chamarel restaurant for an amazing view.


First we went by car to Chamarel and 7 colored earth. The drive there is already absolutely spectacular as you drive through the middle of the jungle. The route has already been tarred for the tourists, which makes the picture no less beautiful. Shortly before the finish you come to a demarcated driveway, because for this part and the two hotspots a small entrance fee is required. It was the equivalent of only 2 € per person which is absolutely fine that the rainforest is maintained and kept clean. After the driveway you were back in the middle of the jungle! You could decide freely which roads and roads you would like to drive and there were no given routes. I especially liked that because it was a little less touristy and more like the outdoors. I had the fear that the two sights were turned into a tourist park – which fortunately was not the case.

Our first stop was the Chamarel waterfall, which is almost 100m deep. Some people and cars have already gathered at the parking lot, but it was not crowded at all and everyone could watch the waterfall. It even had a hidden staircase to another view point, where almost nobody was. Over a narrow path you can even reach the foot of the waterfall, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time. One more reason to come back to Mauritius! 🙂


Then we drove to 7 colored earth. After we lost our way but discovered nice little places, we finally arrived at the destination. Here is a little tip: download an offline map on the phone! I always have Ulmon’s CityMaps2Go with me on my journey, which you can download for free from the App Store (advertising, but no collaboration).


The seven-colored earth is a natural phenomenon! Like the whole island, this hilly landscape has volcanic origins. Through different weathering and different compositions, it comes to a ground in all colors from brown to purple and orange. The lava rock itself may not be entered, but there is a route around the hills, where you’ll also discover some other things like giant tortoises and various plant species.

After these two stops we went out of the park and up into the mountains of the rainforest. At the top is the Gorges National Park with a beautiful view over the jungle. We even observed free-living monkeys! And lots of flying foxes are in the forest on the way. You could have discovered a lot by foot, but as you sadly can’t do everything in one day we were there only by car.


On the way back we made a short stop at the Chamarel restaurant. I have already read in advance that there is one of the most beautiful rooftop terraces overlooking the National Park and the ocean. And so it was! The restaurant consists of a wooden terrace with glassed railings and is completely open. In the middle there is a special stage where you have a 180 degree view. It was really fascinating! Since we couldn’t get enough of this view, we have ordered a coffee to stay a little longer.


During the entire journey we kept our eyes open for a chameleon, because in Mauritius there are almost no reptiles (no snakes! lucky me :D), but chameleons are often seen. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky, or just didn’t see the animals. One more reason to come back again 🙂

Horseback riding at the beach

Horseback riding

at the beach

I have also fulfilled a long-awaited dream in Mauritius: horseback riding on the beach. I have extensively informed me in advance, because I wanted the full program – galloping on the dream beach, swimming with the horse and at it’s best all alone!


I found the stable Haras du Morne online who seemed to fulfill all my wishes and also had great reviews regarding the horse keeping. Of course I didn’t want a sick horse that had to carry stupid tourists all day.


I contacted the sable by e-mail and booked my ride. You can choose between tours from 30 minutes to several hours. I decided to go on the 1.5 hour tour to go swimming with the horses. Tip: advanced riders should book a tour early in the morning and alone, so you can gallop on the beach 🙂


I booked a tour directly at 8 a.m., but before we started I had to show my riding skills on the course  – because by e-mail anyone can claim to be a good rider 😉 So I showed the walk, trott and canter – my horse Charly went great through that! By the way – you were provided with helmet and chaps which are available in all sizes.

And then it finally started! A guide ride with me and after only 5 minutes in the forest we were already on the beach – the stable really has the perfect location. After a short warm-up, the first canter started. I can’t describe this feeling to you! A dream beach, palm trees everywhere, the water that splashes under the horse’s feet and the salty sea air that blows in your face and through your hair – it really felt like a dream! After half an hour in the step, trot and gallop we came to a place between the hotels, where we should go into the water. Previously, I asked the guide where we will go swimming, so that my boyfriend could come and watch (unfortunately he was not allowed to come with us by horse, because as soon as a beginner is part of the tour you’re not allowed to gallop and of course I couldn’t do without 😉 ).


So we get off the horse, unsaddle, get out of clothes (of course, you should already wear a bikini) and back up on the horse. Although the water was still quite fresh in the morning, Charly had no problems getting into the water and it even seemed like he enjoyed it. We were so deep in the water that Charly was completely wet and of course I was too. After it was really cold we went back to the beach after about 15 minutes. Nevertheless, the experience was just great!


After we had dried and dressed again, the horses were saddled and we went on. Now we came to the absolute dream beach! If I had known that before, I would have sent my boyfriend here to take pictures 😀 Unfortunately, I didn’t have my smartphone with me, as I only had loose pants and it already dropped on the ride at the course. But well, you keep the most beautiful memories in the head anyway. As the beach was so beautiful, we spent the day there after the ride. This is the beach at the Hotel LUX Le Morne. Below you will find some information and picture.

Snorkeling & Diving

Snorkeling &


What you should have seen in Mauritius is the underwater world! Snorkeling and diving are like a dream in Mauritius! You even don’t have to swim far away or go by boat, because at the hotel beaches you’ll find the beautiful corals with colorful fishes. Our hotel was located on the Flic en Flac beach and there are after a few steps the great rocks with corals. Also diving is offered by the hotels incl. learning how to dive in the pool and equipment.


But beware! There are also poisonous fishes in Mauritius – including the stonefish, which stays flat on the ground and is barely visible. His toxic is killing within a few hours, so definitely put on bathing shoes or fins!


Mauritius is almost completely surrounded by a reef. But you should not get too close there, as there are strong currents and waves that can be really dangerous. Our hotel has offered free glass bottom boat tours, so you can safely discover the underwater world.


By the way, a trip to Le Morne beach is definitely worth it for snorkeling! This area is also called the natural aquarium, because there are a lot of corals and fish. We even saw little Nemos hiding between the anemones. Truly unbelievable!

Beaches in Mauritius

Beaches in


If it gets boring on the hotel beach, you can also visit one of the many other beautiful beaches. The most beautiful beaches in my opinion are Flic en Flac and Le Morne. The landscape really looks like a picture book: crystal clear water, white sand and palm trees that grow along the beach. In addition, you will experience the perfect sunset here!


Of course the most beautiful beaches are at the hotel, the public beaches didn’t really convince me. But you can just park on the public beach and then walk along the beach towards the hotels and look for a place there. There are two hammocks in the water at Hotel LUX Le Morne – can it be even more dreamy?!


The beaches at the east side are also super nice and very long, but we haven’t seen this side of the island. One more reason to travel to Mauritius again!

More places

More places

Unfortunately, such a week’s vacation is always going by too fast! If we had some more time, I would have liked to see more of the National Park and its hidden places. There are so many other viewpoints, hiking trails and waterfalls to discover.


In the south there is the La Vanille Park, which is completely natural, but where different animals are at home. Right next to it, there is the Rochester waterfall where you can go swimming!


Sadly we didn’t visit the Botanical Garden in the north of the island in Pamplemousses as it would have been a full day trip from the southwest. There you will find beautiful exotic plants in wonderful colors, palm trees and also giant tortoises.


I would also liked to climb Le Morne. From there you have an incredible view and can even see the underwater waterfall! The mountain has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage and is owned privately for years. You can climb the Le Morne with a guide – if you want to do this by your own you should inform you beforehand, as many entrances are blocked with gates.


Another popular destination is the island of Ile aux Cherfs. There are beautiful beaches and sand banks, where the water is very shallow! However, we have noticed that the island was very crowded with tourists and therefore decided against a trip. If we ever come back to Mauritius (sure we will!), I would like to see the East in any case and then a little trip to the island would definitely be planned!

Around Mauritius there are also many other small islands that can be explored by boat tours!

As you can see, we have all experienced the “most important” to do’s in Mauritius but there is so much more to discover! Therefore, another trip to Mauritius is definitely planned.


And now I’m looking forward to your experiences! What was your highlight? Which excursions do you recommend?


By the way, here you will find the article with general information & travel tips for Mauritius, such as: the best travel time, entry, currency exchange, transportation and costs.


This post contains ads, but none of the recommendations are collaborations!

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